Privacy policy

The EU has issued new rules for acquisition of information and personal data. On this page you will find information about what "cookies" are. As a user of you agree that we can install cookies in your browser.

Cookies are a standard technology most web sites use today. A cookie is a small text file that is installed in your browser’s internal memory. By installing a cookie we can store information about how you navigate our web site and obtain useful statistics that we use to improve our web pages. Most browsers (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera) are set to accept cookies automatically, but you can choose to change the settings so that cookies are not accepted. If you choose to not accept the use of cookies, our website may not function optimally.

Information we acquire cannot identify you as a user and will not be shared with third parties.

Which cookies does use?

Google Analytics cookies:

__utmz gives us information about where you came from when you landed on our site. For example advertisements, search engines, etc.

__utma gives us information about whether you are an entirely new visitor or if you have visited our web site earlier.

__utmb and __utmc tells us which pages you have visited and how you navigated them. In addition, they show how long you have been on our pages. This information is deleted when you leave our pages.

Google Tag Manager

Used to organize and control scripts across all our web domains.

Facebook Custom Audience

We use cookies and similar solutions to display ads on and outside of Facebook's services. Find out more about how Facebook determines which ads you see: 

You can adjust your ad display settings through Facebook.

To read more about Facebook's privacy policy, or to opt out of Facebook tracking, visit

Google Ads conversion tracking
We use Google Ads conversion tracking to track different types of actions done by the end user. For instance doing conversions on the webpage.

Microsoft Bing Ads conversion tracking
This advertiser uses Bing Ads to promote their business online. To more effectively market their product or service, this advertiser uses a small text file known as a cookie to record the completion of your transaction. Bing Ads wants to assure you that any information that is gathered will remain anonymous and cannot be used to identify you.

Browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, let you delete cookies and choose what types of cookies you want to allow on your computer. Please check Help for your browser to learn how to delete cookies or change the privacy level on your computer.